Saturday, October 31, 2009

350 participation

by Janet Botes

The 350 day of participation, coordinated by Communitree in Palmer Road, Muizenberg, was a huge success and an incredible event of note in the Western Cape.

Have a look at to find out all about the 350 series of world-wide activism for our environment!! It's huge, it's happening and it's relevant. Oh, and it's also awesome, hip and cool.

So part of my contribution to the day of participation in Palmer road was the following:

An artistic, visual or participatory action or performance where two volunteers - Megan Collins and Mira Matthew - and voluntary participants were involved in creating an outline of leaves and glass pebbles (to keep the leaves from blowing away) around Mira's silhouette of her body.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hike around Lion's Head

Heard about Adin van Ryneveld yet? He is aiming to tap into the abundance that should actually be available to all of us if you manifest it for yourself, by not spending money! Any money that he makes will go to charity, and he is relying on energy and/or talent exchanges for his day to day living expenses.

Anyways, more about him at another stage, when I'll be doing a full review about what he's doing for Cape Town Live.

For my photography walk up Lion's Head only Adin and Amy Levin pitched up (ok, fine, I ONLY 'advertised' it on Facebook). But it was AMAZING and really inspiring. Adin and Amy is really inspiring people with great outlooks on life that just makes you want to listen and talk to and with them forever.

We ended up not going to the top of Lion's Head, but rather around it, and we saw AMAZING views of the harbour, Sea Point and the beautiful Atlantic ocean. Not even to mention all the beautiful flowers and indigenous plantlife!!! Really looking forward to the next hike. And you're MORE than welcome to join! Watch this space for the place and date.