Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Call for proposals: international Environmental Art Residency

2013 Environmental Art Residency Program/Biennale: September
I-Park Foundation, East Haddam, Connecticut, USA

Application Deadline: Monday, April 1, 2013

A call for proposals to those working in the following creative fields:
  • Environmental sculpture/installation
  • Landscape/garden design
  • Music composition, sound sculpture/design
  • Performance art
  • Language arts
  • Architecture
  • Photography, moving image
  • Inter-disciplinary practice

Artists will create their works on site during their residency for presentation at the Biennale. 12 – 15 artists will be selected to participate. A $2,000 prize will be awarded to each participant or collaborating team to create the work, and transportation costs of up to $1,200 for artists travelling to and from other countries like South Africa. Lodging and meal service provided during the residency. There is a $30.00 entry fee.

To find out more and apply, go to:

Monday, March 18, 2013

Artist Feature: Imke Rust

Keep an eye open for work by Imke Rust, who is making waves... Her work casts a critical eye on the controversial mining and industrial developments on the Namibian coast, and her exhibition showing this work has been rejected by the Swakopmund Arts Association due to it being labeled as "an irrelevant and scientifically dubious campaign against the economically important uranium mining in Namibia".  Rust works in a variety of mediums and techniques to express her views and raise awareness towards the concerns and feelings of the community. Find out more on her website: imkerust.com.

Dorob (NOT) 4Sale 2013

Temporary installation of 15 signs at 5 different locations along 
the C34 road in the Dorob National Park, Namibia.
Dimensions of Signs: 60 x 80cm
Correx Board, digital prints, spray paint, iron poles & cable binders
11 – 29 January 2013
Permanent webpage:  www.dorob4sale.wordpress.com and 
life cellular phone number with prerecorded answering message.

 Subrosa 2012
Temporary Installation of 99 black roses in the Namib Desert

22° 43’ 01” S – 14° 33’ 47” E,  April 2012
Original Dimensions: 90 x 270 x270cm
Black rubbish bags, barbed wire, wire

Tokoloshe Trap 2012

Temporary installation of 1521 white thorn pairs from the Acacia Karroo tree arranged into 39 circles in a side tributary of the Swakop river bed, Namib Desert.

22° 38’ 10” S – 14° 43’ 40” E, April 2012
Original dimensions: 5 x 600 x 250 cm
Medium: Acacia thorns

Saturday, March 9, 2013

GREEN EXPO participation callout

Invitation for artist applications, curator proposals & sponsorship/collaboration
GREEN EXPO Green Art 2013

In November 2012 eight invited artists exhibited art during the Green Expo at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC). This year we are working with the intention of having an art exhibition at the Sandton Convention Centre GREEN EXPO too - we invite proposals from curators based in Johannesburg. In addition to the artists being invited to participate in the Cape Town exhibition, we are doing a call for Western Cape artists whose work can be categorized as "green art" or environmental art. 

Interested artists (Western Cape): 
Please send examples of your work (photographs of maximum 1MB each), an artist statement/description of your work and motivation, and your biography or artist resumé. 
DEADLINE: 30 April 2013

Interested curators (Johannesburg): 
Please send your proposal (outlining the basic concept or theme, potential artists, and general provisional layout and/or installation of the exhibition) and CV. 
DEADLINE: 30 April 2013

Partnership, sponsorship and collaboration:
Anyone interested to get involved in another way, don't hesitate to contact us. We need sponsors to fund the exhibitions, and this is a great opportunity to show your commitment towards the arts as well as creativity that raises awareness around environmental issues. 

To read more about the 2012 exhibition, go to www.greenart.artlovenature.co.za. You can also read the Green Art Manifesto for the 2012 exhibition on Kai Lossgott's blog at http://kailossgott.blogspot.com/2012/11/a-green-art-manifesto.html.

For more information, or to apply, please contact Janet Botes at art@janetbotes.co.za

Artist Network Opportunity: Cape Town