Thursday, December 20, 2012

ARTSHIFT: Global Power Shift 2013

"We know that we are running out of time to stop our planet from becoming a very inhospitable place, and we know that our local organizing is the most important tool we have in this struggle. So just as co2 levels and extreme weather are on the rise exponentially - so are we. 
This June, will be organizing Global PowerShift an international gathering in Istanbul, Turkey, where 600 young climate leaders from around the world will converge to skill-share, trade tactics and connect on how we will be the generation that will turn the tide on the global climate crisis. Organizers will then return to their own countries and organize a regional gathering, developing regional campaigns, goals and actions connected to a global movement."

To do this, they need new creative tactics to have maximum impact!

 "We are up against the richest corporations in the history of money, so our currency will be our creativity. A major focus of Global PowerShift will be on creative activism, including workshops and skillshares in puppetry, mass production for mass mobilizations, subvertising, street art and street theater, creative non-violent direct action, activist animation, reality correction, and historical reclamation.
We will also be constructing an Arts Camp for the duration of the gathering to integrate creativity into the functioning of daily life while providing important encampment skills to Global PowerShift participants.
We need creative, impassioned and dedicated individuals to join us at this historic gathering, and to grow a globally connected network of creative organizers strong enough to reclaim our future from the fossil fuel industry. Apply now to join us for Global PowerShift, deadline for applications has been extended to 4 January 2013. Participants will have all expenses covered."

Take a minute to share this invitation with anyone you think might be interested or share the ArtShift webpage on twitter or facebook. For this to be a success we need diversity in all aspects and will need to reach outside just the “climate” movement - this is, afterall, a struggle as big as our planet that involves many different movements. Please encourage anyone to apply who you think would contribute to and benefit from this crucial gathering.

Do it now, we’ve got no time to lose.

The gathering in Istanbul is only the first phase of this project, we’ll need many more dedicated individuals to participate locally in one of the hundred regional PowerShifts and in the hundreds of local campaigns and projects beyond that. If you can’t apply, but wish to stay in touch, please email

This callout was sent by 
Kevin, Art Ambassador for

Vertical Garden by Jochen Kruger-Allenstein

Vertical Garden 
by Jochen Kruger-Allenstein
24 square meters, 
located at Dainfern north of Johannesburg

Visi blogger Peter-Ernst Maré describes vertical gardens and their origin:

"Vertical gardens are referred to as living walls, green walls, bio walls or, in French, un mur végétal. The pioneering French botanist and artist Patrick Blanc is credited with creating the first vertical gardens after observing how plants were able to grow vertically in the wild without the need for soil. He developed a way to create artistic looking vertical vegetation on any type of wall." [read more]

For more information or to commission the artist:

Jochen Kruger-Allenstein
Cell: +27794027467

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Telephone Cord Sheep

by Artist Jean Luc Cornec
Museum of Communications in Auckland, New Zealand

Friday, December 14, 2012

Read: Green Art on

Go and read Part 1 of an ARTicle by Janet Botes about Green Art:
Green Art | Environmental Art | StateoftheArt |

An excerpt from the article:
Environmentally-focused art could play a very significant role in collective concern and activism, as one of art’s main premises is to question and challenge accepted perceptions, values, or beliefs. Art also offers new solutions and inspires new understandings about the world around us, therefore playing an important role in how we change our actions and our relationship with the earth. 

Exhibition: The Grad Show At Michaelis

Artworks that focus on environmental themes, or uses natural materials, that were shown as part of the exhibition of art by grad students from the University of Cape Town’s Michaelis School of Fine Art.

Work by Miranda Moss

Hanien Conradie's work inspired by the spores of flowers - see more images of this body of work on her website

Detail from a work that forms part of a body of work focusing on the ROSE

Beautiful works created by using the roots of plants as medium, form part of a body of work that focuses on deforestation as theme.

photographs by Janet Botes