Monday, February 18, 2013

COMPETITION: Elle Decoration Solve New Talent Search

Elle Decoration Solve - Pick n Pay

Design an innovative, multi-functional object that incorporates a plant, or several plants, in order to green urban balconies and small indoor/ outdoor spaces. It's a call to address the challenging issues of greening in urban environments, where gardens are limited to balconies or small gardens and courtyards. This can be anything from a modular system, an item of furniture or any other design element that addresses the 'growing' need to green our spaces. The overall design dimensions should not exceed 1 cubic metre (length x breadth x height). However, if the design is part of a modular system, then one component must not exceed this size, but the overall size would be larger when the components are assembled.
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DEADLINE: 19 July 2013

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bodo City, by Stan Aneto

"The people of bodo, a community in Ogoni Land of Niger Delta Nigeria, have been on the spotlight of many environmental discourse. I found out why, when I paid a visit myself. My findings were politically sensitive and emotional. As a poet and film maker, it was only natural for me to create this piece, hoping they eventually find the justice and ultimately, the world that once belonged to them." - Stan Aneto

Stan Aneto is a pro environmental artist, film maker, poet and performer currently residing in Cape Town. Over the years, his passion for nature and the environment has inspired songs, poems, and also visual arts. 'TRAUMATA OF THE EARTH QUEEN' is a theatre work of 1 hour, consisting of poetry, dance, music, photography and fashion on one stage. It tells a story of our beautiful planet, a queen, as she goes through a terrible time of abuse from her subjects. View the 15 minute pilot of Traumata of the Earth Queen on Youtube

He is interested in getting involved or collaborating with an organization. If interested, contact him at:
STAN ANETO | cell: 078 622 4832 | e: | twtr: @stananeto

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Stone Paper - is the writing on the wall?


Existence Series, 1989

Acrylic, Chinese ink, Xuan paper, wood, stone, paper mache on canvas 
84 × 75 × 8 cm

stone papers” contain 80% Calcium Carbonate (basically pulverized marble or limestone) and 20% High Density Polyethylene (HDPE—the same plastic that’s used in milk jugs and plastic bags).

Source: Tumblr

While there's not yet a lot of reviews about the paper, and whether it's really as environmentally friendly as it claims to be, it seems to be a good option when you look at the water consumption and energy savings in its production. They are said to use no water, no toxic chemical bleaches and use far less energy.  They are recyclable as well. (Read more)

From the Sketchy Musings Blog

I have also read that the paper is made from the waste product in quarries from the building and construction industry. If this is the case, and if the sludge from mining dumps could also be used, then this paper has my vote.

Read up, find out and speak up! What do you think - is this tree free paper a wonderful new innovation or just another gimmick tapping into a green consumerism market? Leave a comment, or email your thoughts to