Why change our ways?

Many materials that we as artists use endangers the health of our loved ones and ourselves, pollutes the air, pollutes the soil and uses natural resources very wastefully and unsustainably.

This can happen anywhere within or even throughout the process of:

  • mining (pigments),
  • manufacturing (our paints, brushes, paper, canvas, etc. ALL needs to be manufactured and is often mass-produced with great impacts on the natural environment),
  • our use of the products (spraying, painting, burning, printmaking, glueing, creating through a variety of different techniques),
  • and our disposal of our waste (where does your waste end up?)

A lot of our materials and processes also contributes to the destroying of natural habitats, which in turn contributes to loss of biodiversity through the extinction of animals.

We might deny our responsibility as ‘one little artist among many’, but the sooner each of us starts to make our difference, the sooner it has a huge impact collectively.

Don’t forget that as artists we aim to stay socially relevant, and react through our work to current affairs. The social, political and environmental crisis is our playfield, our inspiration and something we just can’t ignore without risking to seem ignorant, self-serving or uneducated.

The guide or aim to changing the way you do things are not to get intimidated, obsessed or aggressive about anything, but by taking small, managable and sustainable steps towards working more responsibly, safely and mindfully.

And enjoy the journey! Art is life, and the changes you’re making is a tribute to life…

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