Wednesday, July 20, 2011

GYA artist gathering on Friday, 22 July

22 July 2011
37 Bryant Street, Bo-Kaap
Cape Town, South Africa

GYA is about "Greening your art" and at the moment is focused on creating a platform for artists to gather and talk about ways that we can change all stages our artmaking to be eco-conscious and authentic.

On the 22nd of July we'll be having a look at what Michelle Searle did in a park in Bryant street in the Bo-Kaap in Cape Town. She initiated and pulled through a project where she and her neighbors improved the park so it would be safe for kids to play there. She did a creative mural, and also painted a flower on the pavement in the park, where kids now play and Michelle and other women can have activities with the kids.We'll have snacks and something to drink in the park and at Michelle's home (just around the corner from the park) while talking about either further improving the park or identifying another park or area that needs creative upliftment.

Please bring:
a smile, creativity, enthusiasm, snacks and something to drink (no Coca-Cola please - try and bring ethical, fairtrade and environmentally aware snacks and drinks!) :-)

Looking forward to see you there!

Buitengraght...into left into a road with no name...into Buiten street.....up...& up turn left at Big green house..and drive along Bryant Street to a bright pink house. We meet at the house and then walk the few metres to the park.

For more info about the park or this gathering call Michelle at 021 424 7054 / 0825044130. For more info about the GYA gatherings in general call Janet at 072 331 5057.

Google map link to the venue

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Monday, July 18, 2011

HumanEarth needs YOU


Following the reshaping of Ecojunki in merging with COPART, the Humanearth exhibitions function as an entity, in association with the COPART Movement. The main focus of the Humanearth exhibitions is to create awareness and to encourage change. It is a series of exhibitions centered around the theme of human interaction with nature, to raise awareness for the ways in which we harm the planet and also the ways that we are living in harmony with it.

The following positions are available:

1. One marketing assistant
2. One administrative assistant

At this stage, these positions are offered on an unpaid internship basis with the promise of future compensation.

Please contact:

Nastasha daniels
Artist, curator and organiser of humanearth exhibitions
C. 0788577551


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Anti-Plastic (Fan)tastic

The CTWW challenge by for the week is to go without plastics as far a humanly possible.

Generally I find it easy with regards to taking your own fabric bags when you go shopping, when the challenge really kicks in when choosing what to buy - plastic is used in packaging, labeling, products themselves, and even the basket that you carry your groceries to the counter, where you pay with your plastic card that you retrieve from your synthetic materials (sometimes plastic!) wallet. The toothpaste tube, toothbrush and water bottle when you go hiking.

In Cape Town, I find buying veggies, fruit and eggs from the Ethical Co-op, Wild Organics, the market in Hope Street or Zetler's Pharmacy in Mill street/Orange street the best option. Your fruit and veggies are put into brown paper bags, without copious amounts of unnecessary plastic packaging, your eggs without extra packaging around the carton holder. The Fruit and Veg city in Roeland street is of course also an option, where you can choose bunches of carrots, radishes and other veggies without plastic packaging, held together with twine.

Wild Organics - you can visit their store in Woodstock, or order your very own wild bag, delivered to a collection point close to you! Go to for more information is a blog by Beth Terry, who committed to stop buying new plastic. Her blog records and shares her story and progress, and is an inspiring look into what is possible, and where our biggest challenges lie. Read about Gardening without plastics, delivered in three parts, or about plastic labels and fruit packaging, a possible alternative for brushing your teeth and many more interesting posts to read, ponder and apply in your own life.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Change the World Wednesday

The Reduce Footprints blog - - has a nifty initiative that relies on people making the commitment to change their habits and lifestyle one step at a time on a weekly basis. Weekly challenges gives you as eco-conscious person an easily-attainable goal and mission to do or aim at each week. And, like with all habits, as soon as you've done it over a couple of weeks, it's so ingrained into your routine and life that the tradition will catch on with your family and friends too, and before you know it, you HAVE changed the world! ;-)

This week's challenge is to just think about and share you proudest green achievement:

This week we'd like to hear about your proudest "green" achievement. Perhaps you started a compost for the first time or purchased organic food. Maybe you stopped driving a car or added solar panels to your home. It could be as small as carrying a reusable bag or as large as building an energy efficient home. Whatever your proudest Eco-friendly achievement is ... we want to know about it. Please leave details and tips/ideas so that we can all celebrate with you and perhaps try the activity ourselves.

Up The Ante: Of all your green achievements, which one was the hardest to accomplish and why? How did you overcome the obstacles?

Post your comments at

See a list of their past challenges here