Thursday, January 6, 2011

A new leaf

It's a new year and everyone that I've been speaking to is amped and ready for new challenges, opportunities and for making a difference in a way that makes the most sense to each of each.

COPART (Connecting Out Planet And Re-imagining Together) is planning their second Climate Fluency Exchange for February, and have many more plans and pipeline projects - head on over to COPART's blog to read the plans for 2011!

The first HumanEarth Exhibition is happening from next week - check our previous post for the information /invitation to the opening.

This is an invitation to all of the Ecojunki members, supporters and enthusiasts.
If you would like to post updates on the Ecojunki blog about environmental-related events, creative ideas and other related eco or art stuff, please email Janet at to be added on the author list. A few artists and friends are already on the author list and able to contribute to the blog.

On 15 January there will be an informal Ecojunki workshop or gathering. It will be during the morning from about 10am and be finished at 12am. Venue to be confirmed next week. Keep the space open in your schedule!
------ gathering postponed to February!! WATCH THIS SPACE.

Hope that your first experiences in 2011 is all happy, hopeful and inspired.

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