Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Integrated Waste Exchange

City of Cape Town has a Waste Exchange initiative! Here's a quote from the website:

What is IWEX?

IWEX (Integrated Waste Exchange) is a free online system that enables waste generators and users to exchange waste materials. Operating on the principle that ‘one person’s garbage is another person’s gold,' IWEX facilitates the re-use of waste, thereby conserving energy, minimising resource use and reducing the pressure on Cape Town's landfill space. The service is freely available to anyone who generates or uses waste, including companies, individuals, institutions, schools, NGOs and community groups.

It's super easy - you register and are immediately able to log in, add your waste materials that you have available, and can look right away at waste materials that other individuals, companies or organizations have available.

Let's make use of this initiative to reuse and recycle! Go to www.capetown.gov.za/en/iwex

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