Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Threads of plastic

These pieces of plastic were picked up in a stretch of beach of only about 7 meters in Bloubergstrand! Plastic debris and bags cause sea animals and birds to suffocate, and they also don't biodegrade, just break up into smaller bits of plastic which gets eaten by fish, birds, dolphins and whales. Have a look at this great ad that illustrates my point:

A great way to use plastic is to use it as rope or thread. Simply tear or cut it into strips, twirl or roll them into useable strands, and knot them together.

In this way, I've started using plastic in crochet pieces:

I learnt how to crochet when I joined in some sessions of The Woodstock Art Reef Project. WARP is crocheting a symbolic installation of sculptural coral reef structures to extend the awareness of environmental issues and related aspects of science, math and art within the  community of participants and in public forums.

Go to artreefproject.ning.com to find out more about the next gatherings and sessions

Yet another way to use strips of plastic grocery bags in a functional manner

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