Friday, January 25, 2013

Want to see this go forward? Get involved!

The Green Your Art (GYA) initiative may seem like quite a young structure, movement or organization. But, it really isn't. Firstly, as an initiative started by visual artist Janet Botes, it has been evolving and transforming - first as "Greenivate" since 2007, then as "Ecojunki", but always with a central focus on encouraging acceptance, responsibility and compassion towards all living things and our planet. Secondly, it forms part of a larger and very important movement and awareness by an increasing mass of people. It includes people from all walks of life and artists of all types, levels and creative forms.

As much as I (Janet) have a passion for encouraging and supporting the use of natural materials, I am shifting my focus towards the creation, manifestation and promoting of my own art. My art hugely relies on the use of natural materials, found materials and 'waste' repurposing, and is primarily inspired by the natural landscape in its various interpretations. Currently the focus is on natural processes, rhythms and my aim is to inspire people to reconnect to nature - outside and within themselves - and thus to encourage healing, initially of human's disconnection to the natural world, and subsequently the healing and nurturing of our planet.

Which brings me to the purpose of this post - if you are passionate about the ideals and aims of the GYA initiative, and would like to become involved, please contact Janet at There will be a meeting in February or March 2013, regarding the future of the initiative. A GYA team will be formed, with shared responsibilities and a range of skills, to ensure this initiative is able to make a difference, and also that it has a sustainable and viable future.

Thank you for everyone who has been involved up to now with GYA, and who has worked towards raising awareness for environmental issues with me. Special thanks to Nicolle Basson, for your effort, work and involvement. 


  1. Thank you for this great initiative and all that you are doing. I am a Namibian artist with very similar views and intentions in my art. Wish I could get more involved - maybe it is possible from a distance?

    1. Hi Imke, thanks for your support and your interest in getting involved! It is definitely possible to get involved from a distance. I'll send you an email when the date and agenda for the meeting has been set, to assess to what extend in in what capacity you'd like to be part of the team. If you have and use Skype you could also chat and introduce yourself to the other people at the meeting. I had a look at your work on your website and it would be amazing to have you on board! Chat soon.