Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Jesse Etelson: 2013 AHN Awardee

Jesse Etelson is an environmental artist, activist and educator and I am intrigued with his wildlife habitat sculptures. Here is some of his work that caught my attention - including a tree sculpture and clay bird houses:

“I believe art’s role is to assist in the reconnection of humans to the earth, each other and the infinite possibilities of the cosmos. Today we must return to a natural harmony with the planet or face extinction. With arts collaboration, science and education can engage community to create alternative/intuitive solutions for healing environmental and social illness.” – Jesse Etelson 

From the Arts & Healing Network. Jesse is an Awardee for the 2013 AHN Awards. Click on the link to go read his interview with AHN, which gives some valuable insight into his creative process.

Also have a look at his website: for videos, more artwork and other information.

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