Friday, May 2, 2014

IDEA: Art Gardens

The Mud Man and Moss Maiden - source

I've been following the blog Gardens in unexpected places, and always admire the innovation, creativity and ingenuity of people in other countries, planting food gardens in public spaces, as well as improving urban areas through guerilla gardening.

Closer to home, in Jozi, we've got Linzi Lewis, a.k.a.  leading an urban gardening revolution that not merely improves spaces, but also connects people to each other, their culture and the environment in which they work and play. Read more about the project:


One of the best ways to eat healthy, GMO-free, organic vegetables, is to grow your own. Check out Square Foot Gardening: Now, how about using your considerable creativity and skills as an artist to create an Art Garden?

As an artist you have skills that you have developed that could result in something really unique!

Garden, installation at Lockport Gallery, Illinois State Museum, Illinois by Michelle Stone. Source.
contextual art installation by Anouk Vogel and Johan Selbing. Source

You don't need to be a qualified landscaper or horticulturist to create a garden. Ask someone who loves gardening to teach you the basics, read some library books, browse the web for countless articles and guides about gardening, or learn through trial-and-error.


You don't need to have an architectural degree to plan or build something. If you don't know how to use the materials, learn how to, join a workshop or find an artist who specializes in the materials or techniques you need to create an art garden.


What's stopping you? Start now! Don't have your own garden? Why not create a balcony, vertical garden or indoor garden? Or start an urban garden in your neighbourhood? The sky is your limit!


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