Saturday, April 16, 2011


Competition: Communicating the future - explaining climate change through graphics

The Minor Foundation for Major Challenges invites you to participate in a competition that aims to select an extraordinarily good way of communicating the issue of man-made climate change.

The competition aims to inspire participants that have the ability to communicate a complex message in a way that might surprise or even awaken people.

If you can illustrate man-made climate change, its causes or consequenses in a way that brings the response

  • Aha!
  • So this is what it is all about!
  • Something has to be done about it!
  • We have to reduce our emissions of CO2!

Then please, consider participating in our competition and share your submission with us!

The Minor Foundation for Major Challenges is a non-profit foundation that supports information and public-opinion-forming aimed at limiting human induced climate change. The foundation recognizes that there is a need for downloadable graphic presentations available on the Internet which can be used for communicating the climate problem to the general public. Many organisations working with the climate issue have their own sets of graphs, diagrams and slides with their own logos used by their representatives during presentations. The foundation wishes to provide similar tools, but free to use by anyone who is interested and who wants to help spread knowledge about human-made climate change - its causes, effects and the fact that we have means to combat climate change. Main focus should be put on explaining the fundamental knowledge on man-made climate change.

The Minor Foundation for Major Challenges is envisioning a set of graphic, electronic presentations that can be downloaded for free. The presentations may contain static displays of graphs, figures, diagrams or other visual representations that explain different aspects of the issue. Animations, interactive applications, and formats open for the user to modify are also relevant. There are certainly many thinkable and unthinkable ways of creating such graphics, and in line with the Foundation's general policy, we are open for new, experimental ways of communicating the causes and challenges related to climate change. Conventional or radical in form and content - we welcome proposals for the development of graphic presentations that would be applicable to - and have effect on - a wide audience. Any text - written or spoken - should be in English, as this is an international competition with an international audience.

Proposals should be submitted through a dedicated web form at within May 1 2011.

A jury will pick three concepts from the submitted ideas that will have the opportunity to be developed, through receiving a sum of 100.000 Norwegian kroner each from The Minor Foundation for Major Challenges. The winner in this competition will receive a sum of 500.000 Norwegian kroner that is meant to finance the completion and implementation of the idea.

The Minor Foundation for Major Challenges will be copyright owner with the rights to distribute and communicate all final three submissions.

To learn more:

Strijdom van der Merwe

Janet Botes, Our Legacy

Antti Laitinen, Its My Island

ALSO read more about a callout for artists by Virginia MacKenny from UCT, for artists who work with a focus or awareness of environmental issues and climate change. Read about it on the COPART blog:

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