Thursday, April 14, 2011

Film Screening, Cape Town

The Nuclear Comeback, a documentary about nuclear power, will be shown at the Labia on Orange cinema in Cape Town on Thursday 21 April at 6:15pm.

As part of the international commemoration of the 25
th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster and in light of recent events in Japan, While You Were Sleeping and Earthlife Africa Cape Town invite you to a once-off screening of the documentary The Nuclear Comeback.

The world's electricity consumption is expected to double in the next 25 years and the nuclear industry claims that nuclear power is the only large-scale method of power production that can reliably replace coal, gas or oil-fired power plants. But many people have an inherent fear of nuclear power. Is it time we learned to love the split atom? Or is there a risk that we might be jumping out of the carbon frying pan and into the plutonium fire?

Given the South Africa government’s plans for a massive expansion of nuclear power in the country, it is crucial that we understand what we may be confronted with and what our alternatives are.

The Nuclear Comeback goes on a worldwide tour of the nuclear industry in search of answers. It visits some of the planet's most famous nuclear facilities, including the control room of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, it investigates the state of 'the grand old lady' of commercial nuclear power, the UK's Calder Hall, and travels through a nuclear waste repository under the Baltic Sea, a uranium mine in Australia, and one of only two fuel recycling plants in the world.

The Nuclear Comeback poses the question of whether, by seriously considering the renewed development of nuclear power, we may now be gambling with the survival of our planet.

The screening will be followed by a facilitated audience discussion.

Tickets are R20 and can be reserved by calling The Labia at (021) 424 5927. This is a once-off screening and we strongly recommended that you reserve tickets to avoid disappointment.

This event is presented by Earthlife Africa Cape Town, the Labia and While You Were Sleeping, a Cape Town-based non-profit film collective committed to bringing progressive, non-mainstream documentaries with important social, political and environmental messages to South African audiences.


The Labia:
021 424 5927

While You Were Sleeping:
Andreas Sp├Ąth
084 772 1056

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