Monday, May 16, 2011

COPART - get involved!

You are invited to participate in the CONNECTING OUR PLANET & RE-IMAGINING TOGETHER or COPART forums scheduled for 2011 in preparation for COP17. COPART will be hosting forums at the National Arts Festival, the Out the Box festival and will be leading the COPART climate train mobile festival. The COPART forum is an open space where different people from different backgrounds can gather together and explore their understandings of what it means to be and do in a climate change era.

Download your entry forms and then return by reply to Liz at

Deadlines for your contribution forms:

Form A: COPART Journal: 1 August 2011
Form B: COPART National Arts Festival: 8 June 2011
Form C: COPART Out the Box Festival: 1 August 2011
download: >
Form D: COPART Climate Train: 5 September 2011

Also download the COPART pamphlet:
and the official CALL for participation:

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