Wednesday, August 3, 2011

350 Moving Planet - Cape Town

"In Cape Town, a collection of green leaders have come together to create a massive event that will celebrate environmental successes while simultaneously demanding change from our leaders.

The Cape Town Moving Planet event will feature a huge march/parade with floats, costumes, puppets and more, with thousands of people, young and old, marching to make change. The event will seek to raise awareness of climate-friendly alternatives to damaging practices like driving your car, cutting down trees, and many other harmful actions. As fun and exciting as it will be, the event will also be a petition, demanding change in the policies and programs put forth by our government that damage the environment.

Alongside the march we will also be hosting an exciting bike ride to promote cycling as an active mode of transportation.

The event should be very exciting and seeks to represent all members of the Cape Town community. We would love it if you got involved, as we want this to be the most powerful and exciting event to date. We are still in the early planning stages of this event, so more specific details like the time and location are to come, but we are excited and hope you are too!"

For more information:

About the Moving Planet action day:


Event Page for the Cape Town event:
Facebook Page for the Cape Town event:

Some of the amazing organisations represented by the people that have joined for this event so far:

  • Project 90 by 2030
  • Shikaya
  • GreenPop
  • Fairtrade South Africa
  • ...350 Africa
  • LitterAWEH!ness
  • Anti-fracking Group
  • Ecobuzz
  • UCT Green Campus Initiative
  • Public Health Movement (PHM)
  • Bicycle Empowerment Network (BEN)
  • Cape Town Bicycle Map
  • Green Your Art (GYA)
  • Skateboarders Association
  • UNIMA South Africa
  • Jungle Theatre Company
  • Anglican Church

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