Monday, August 1, 2011


Do you want to be part of the MOOP task team? Then contact the Afrika Burn organizers. Here's what they've sent out as their call for action:


Do you know what it is? It stands for Matter Out Of Place, it's refers to rubbish, trash, and anything that does not belong where it lies. Its what there was alot of left in Tankwa Town after the last event. Its what we gave you a big lap on the wrist about in the last newsletter. We believe it happens because of laziness, lack of planning, lack of caring and probably a good done of not enough education.......So to this end we are staring a MOOP Task Team led by the fabulous Shani Judes.

The team is not there to pick up the MOOP, but to EDUCATE to erradicate MOOP at AfrikaBurn in creative and clever ways. They going to be all over MOOP and MOOPERS like a rash in the next while. Does the MOOP problem irritate the crap out of you? Get involved, join the team and send in your ideas to

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